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Being Unique

Isn’t there really such thing as being unique anymore?  We see all these teenagers (yes, I fall into the category of a teenager- I’m 17) fall victim to conformity.  Too much conformity sends us over the edge of not being unique. We become another person, a person unlike our true selves.  Some of these teenagers start partying just for the sake of fitting in with their peers when, in reality, they don’t really want to join in.

Where did the idea of being unique go?  Didn’t our parents, teachers, etc., always tell us to be ourselves no matter the opinions of others? So, why are so many teenagers and even adults following in the path of others?

I know many who try to be unique, but sometimes in a society so demanding and criticizing, it is hard to be your actual self without getting humiliated and called out in front of others.  Conforming to the needs of others is needed in society in some cases (work, etc.), but I’ve seen many people from different backgrounds with different values and views get along together and interact.  So, isn’t that saying you can be unique and get along with others?  Don’t opposites attract?

On the other side of the argument, a person can never actually be considered unique because there’s millions and more around the world who have the same ideas and thoughts.  In reality, a person’s views on being unique may just be another social norm to another.

After viewing both sides of this debate, I feel that a person can be unique to the people around them, but a person in comparison to the whole grand spectrum of the world is hardly unique due to others having those same interests and talents.  That’s not to say that teenagers should conform to their peers’ thoughts because they should go out and do their own thing- find their own interests.  They should find what makes them different from their family or friends, or simply, just what makes them enjoy life.