Wow! Another New Year!

It’s yet another year.  Some will wake up tomorrow just the same way they woke up this morning, living as they always have.  Tomorrow is a new start for me.  Tomorrow will be my one chance to change myself around.

Tomorrow I will stop living in the background of others’ lives, and I will stop dwelling upon the past.  I will be optimistic and looking forward to the new comings of the future.  I mean, why suffer from what you’ve done in the past, mistakes that you have made, when you can change yourself for the better now?

Laziness overcomes us, right?  Hopefully this year (it’s one of my resolutions) I will jam-pack my day so full of activities and things to do (including writing for this blog) that there will be no time to be lazy.  I feel this is one of the reasons I started this blog- to write about my opinions, my day, etc. with the hopes that someone feels the same way as me or does the same things as me.  I love it when two or more people can relate with each other.

I won’t bore you with anymore of my resolution and new start talk, but check back in a few days, and I will have new things up.  By the way, I’m an avid photographer and writer.  I’m a beginner , but slowly getting better.  I hope you like.

Happy New Years to all of you out there!  May 2011 be your best yet! =]




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